Coming Skiing but don’t ski? Here is 10 top things you can do!

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Ten top things to do on your ski holiday when you are not skiing!

Ski Joring

Ski Joring Meribel

In its equestrian form Ski Joring goes back to the first winter Olympics and beyond as it was a demonstration sport in the 1928 Olympics. Skiing behind a horse may not be everyone’s cup of tea but some of our guests have really loved it. Normally a rider takes control of the horse, although the French specialise in the skier being in control.   A combination of the thrill of skiing and a love of horses could mean it’s something you’ll never forget.



Bob Sleigh


19 bends, 1.5kkms and a variety of options on the Olympic run in Le Plagne, from the fairly tame Bob Raft which goes at 80kmh (50mph) and has no driver to the Olympic Experience where you are one of two passengers with a driver and brake-man and you will top 130kmh (over 80mph)!! The Bob Raft simply has 4 seats and you are on your own, (don’t worry it’s like a golf ball and simply finds its way to the bottom!)

Best combined with a day’s skiing in La Plagne as you can go via Champagny! (only 20 minutes from Courchevel)


Ice Driving


You can go straight out on the Alain Prost ice course in a go kart or even a two seater buggy. If you want to go the full hog you can be taken out in race prepared ice race car with a trainer/pro-driver who can take beginners to experienced drivers for a real slide and drive experience.  Be prepared to be going more sideways than forwards!



Zip Line

VT Zip

Experience the highest zip wire in the world! It’s pretty long too at 1300m and is open to anyone from 8yr olds up to a weight limit of 120kg! Starting from the Bouchet chairlift in Orelle to the top of the Funitel de Thorens it lasts approx 1m 45s and can reach speeds of 105kmh.  You “fly” up to 250m above the pistes and it’s more like flying serenely like an Eagle than a fighter jet! Still, the adrenaline flows! Open from 10am to 4:45pm wind (weather) dependant!





Spa Day

Spa Courchevel

Where to start?  The options in Courchevel, Meribel and the 3 Vallees are as long as you like. From a Clarins day at the La Lana hotel with all the beauty pampering you can imagine to the Chabichou Hotel Spa which covers most you may desire in a Spa. The brand new, €80 million Aquamotion in Courchevel 1650 has an amazing centre where you can indulge in anything from Cryotherapy to Algae and Mud mask/baths to aromatherapy and massage along with a variety of hot/cold water therapies. Of course you can go to the next level and get a full home Chalet spa, full massage, hot stones and a variety of treatments from our very own “Spa Pleisure”


Scenic Flights

Scenic-Flights-MeribelSky Diving Courchevel

Take a tourist flight in a Sesna 172 or Mousquetaire D140v from Courchevel or Meribel Altiport and see the mountains in a completely different way. Options include just the local valley in 10 minutes which is great value, to taking in Mont Blanc and beyond. If you think you know the 3 vallees by ski the aerial route will make you realise that the extra dimension changes everything! You can do the same by Helicopter although a little more expensive the places a helicopter can get are breath-taking. What else you can use for a scenic flight is frankly almost endless! Parapenting means you can share the thermals with the local Eagles, Hot Air Balloon rides are breath-taking (if not pretty heavy on the pocket) and for the ultimate view why not Sky Dive over the 3 vallees. (I did for my 50th!)


Cook with a Michelin Star chef

Cook with Michelin Starred Chef

If haute cuisine is your thing you could learn to cook with 2* Michelin Chef Michel Rochedy at the Chabichou Restaurant with 4 other trainees you will gain an amazing amount of inside knowledge as well as being able to eat everything that’s been made!








With Aquamotion in Courchevel and the Olympic centre in Meribel you can swim and splash to your hearts content.  Both have swimming lanes for the pros and both have slides and tubes for the kids.  Aquamotion will be open from 10 til 10 whereas Meribel opens from 2:30 til 19:00 (20:00 Tuesday and Thursdays).  Aquamotion also has a surfing/water skiing pool as well as a spa centre and wellbeing clinic plus indoor/outdoor options.  More from our private visit to Aquamotion in our next blog


Husky sledding

Husky Sledding Courchevel

This is not a joy ride! Well hopefully it will be joyful but you will learn how to control and use a sled, how to brake without worrying the dogs and to ensure you all end up back at base in one piece. It really is out in the “wilds” as you will be standing up so wear your old ski jacket as you may find yourself being dragged through a few trees and bushes if you are not in control! A real experience of what it might be like to be out there in the wild back and beyond.




Refuge du plan Meribel

For a great evening out, hiking up to a refuge (old farming hut) for a typical Savoyard evening full of self-cooked cheesy merriment (Raclette, Fondue etc) lubricated by a local Gamay is highly recommended. For the full mountain experience you can stay the night and wake up literally in the middle of no-where! Seriously, it can be a magical experience with starry skies and moonlit snowy landscapes.  If you haven’t brought your hiking boots have a lift up in a snowbike but everyone comes down by sledge! (Well, in most cases)


Freedom to Choose

Finally, if you are an Alp Leisure guest (shameless plug) all/any of these activities can be booked with our Customer Services Manager Danielle who will concierge you whole week. From one of the above activities to ensuring your menus are just as you require to ensuring your little ones are organised and set up for their week. In fact any arrangements at all can be planned, booked completely according to your specifications as our goal is to provide you with the best holiday possible with complete “Freedom to Choose”

Sorry, if you were counting that was 11! 🙂